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5 Reasons Why Your Daughters Should Watch “Frozen”



There are a lot of things I’ve learned / watched / read simply because it showed up repeatedly on my Tumblr dashboard:

1) John Green’s novel “The Fault in Our Stars”

2) The BBC’s series “Merlin”

3) MTV’s series “Teen Wolf” (like many fans I started watching because Tyler Hoechlin rarely…

Reasons why Elsa is the Baddest Mofo in the History of Ever


  1. Woken up at some ungodly hour of the night: “Gotta play with my sister”
  2. Cryokinesis gets out of control: “Gotta be alone forever to protect my sister”
  3. Random DB tries to pull a Disney and marry the first girl he sees: “Pardon my un-queenliness but get the fuck away from my sister”

This is what makes Frozen the best Disney movie ever!!! And the first where they finally say out loud that you cannot marry someone you just met…
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